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Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit provides everything for discreet, high-quality synthetic urine delivery, ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.

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The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to pass as real urine. This all-in-one kit comes with everything you need to discreetly and effectively deliver high-quality synthetic urine. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is designed to be easy to use and highly effective, giving you the peace of mind you need

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit includes a high-quality synthetic urine formula that is designed to mimic the composition of real human urine. This synthetic urine is specifically formulated that it meets requirements of drug testing labs  With the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit, you can rest assured that your synthetic urine will pass as the real thing.

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is also designed for ease of use. The included prosthetic belt is comfortable and discreet, and the Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine formula can be easily dispensed with the included syringe. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is also highly portable, making it ideal for use on the go.

With its highly effective synthetic urine formula and easy-to-use design, you can be confident that your sample will pass as the real thing.

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24 Oz


Fake Urine only sells 100% authentic Quick Fix synthetic urine by Spectrum Labs. We double check each batch id with Spectrum Labs certificate included in each master case.

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  1. James R

    worked perfectly.

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